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Peter Browne, 69, and his fully working contraption — to make his breakfast. National News story NNINVENT: Inventive pensioners have created a ‘mad’ Wallace and Gromit-style machine that will serve up the perfect cooked breakfast, deliver the morning paper and will even clean up after itself. The aptly-coined Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine is the brainchild of Peter Browne, 69, and Mervyn Huggett, 65, who racked up 1,000 hours building the innovative contraption. The creative pair, from West Sussex, appeared on BBC Two’s Britain’s Most Spectacular Backyard Builds and had a ‘Grand Day Out’ on BBC One’s The One Show, to showcase their unusual creation. Peter, a former airline pilot turned silversmith, who has been inventing all his life, said: “The BBC asked us to come up with an idea for the programme.
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